• WAKE UP WORDS: MAY 18, 2022

    MAKE YOURSELF PROUD TODAY. You have nothing to prove to anyone... not even yourself!
  • WAKE UP WORDS: MAY 17, 2022

    TODAY IS A GIFT. What you do with the time given to you today matters.
  • WAKE UP WORDS: MAY 16, 2022

    ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING. No matter what is going on in your life right now, your attitude is the key to everything.
  • WAKE UP WORDS: MAY 13, 2021

    WHAT YOU CARRY CHANGES EVERYTHING. What we’ve been through in life determines what we carry around in life.
  • WAKE UP WORDS: MAY 12, 2022

    COMMIT TO COURAGE. Courage moves us forward in the midst of our fear, self-doubt and insecurities. I love courage because you don’t have to have a...
  • WAKE UP WORDS: MAY 11, 2022

    GRATITUDE UNLOCKS POSSIBILITY. Possibility is an exchange.
  • WAKE UP WORDS: MAY 10, 2022

    At the core of all of our hiding though is a five letter word. SHAME. 
  • WAKE UP WORDS: MAY 9, 2022

    Doing what makes us come alive isn't some fluffy day dream or catching phrase for a bumper sticker.
  • WAKE UP WORDS: MAY 6, 2022

    TODAY WE RISE. Not just for ourselves - not just for the people in our circle. Today we get to rise up for humanity.
  • WAKE UP WORDS: MAY 5, 2022

    DON'T GIVE MERCY TO YOUR FEAR. There are times in life when we are to be still and reflective - and there are times when we have to take the risk and just jump!
  • WAKE UP WORDS: MAY 4, 2022

    Today we challenge you to rebel against the dark forces!
  • WAKE UP WORDS: MAY 3, 2022

    THINGS THAT MATTER ARE HARD. The decision you're avoiding might be the one that matters most. Difficult decisions are usually hard because of what we're afraid of losing.