A corny cliche that could actually make a difference in your life!

Listen, I'm a sucker for those corny Instagram inspirational quotes as much as anyone else. But if we're honest, most of the time when we see a good quote we appreciate it and then we scroll on without letting it actually impact our lives.

On today's episode of the Outsider Nation Podcast, we're coming at you with a fairly corny cliche of a quote that CAN ACTUALLY make a difference in your life if you let it! AND we're not stopping there! We're throwing in three ways to make it stick, but here's the kicker... you have to actually do them to see if we're right. As a bonus our 4 boys are on fall break so there lots of background noises and fun for your listening pleasure. Hahaha... insert crazy mom expression here!

Wherever you are on you're journey this episode will give you the tools you need right now to keep going! Take a listen , leave a review and continue the conversation in our Outsider Nation Facebook Group HERE!

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Because your dreams matter!

C.J. & Lindsay

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