JUNE 27, 2021


My beautiful, smart, kind, compassionate, courageous friend Kristy has a story that's so outrageously powerful it should be a movie. But if you've ever met this walking source of light and joy you know that she is so much more than her story!

I met Kristy at a women's event years ago right after she had been released from federal prison. She is so strong and warm and loving and passionate. She makes those around her better, just by being near her! It's safe to say she chose the horror of her incarceration as a spring board to make a positive impact on the world around her.

Kristy chose college as her path as she regained ground and started her life over. She graduated last year from SOU summa cum laude from SOU, just 3 years out of prison. During her time in school she discovered a newfound confidence and a love for learning!

Of course, Kristy didn't just stop at getting an education for herself. She found a flaw in the system and worked with law makers to set others coming out of prison up for success in their rehabilitation.

In Kristy's Words:

"66% of individuals with a felony conviction, who are filling out college applications and come to the question …

“Do you have a felony conviction?”

allow shame and regret to take over and they STOP.

They don’t continue.
They don’t go to college.
They don’t get to discover hidden talents.
They don’t meet new people.
They don’t reach their magnificent potential.
They don’t know that they can talk to a state Senator and work on getting a bill passed that will help the people that are still in jails and prisons.

Now they will. The bill to remove the criminal history box on college applications in Oregon has passed."

Kristy currently works for Recovery Cafe in Medford and co-hosts The Freedom Exchange, a video series that creating awareness and establishing connections through conversations with formerly incarcerated people.

Kristy doesn't let the word impossible have a place in her life. I don't think I've ever seen someone see what they want and just go after it like she does! It's more than inspiring!

One time she told me:

"You can know 30% about what you're doing but if you have the guts, you can make something happen."

Follow Kristy on Social Media to stay connected to how she's making a positive impact on the world! More than anything, we challenge you to live your own powerful story this week! Use what seems like a weakness to create change or help someone struggling with a similar challenge.

Our mistakes shape us, but they don't define us! How can you use something difficult you've overcome from your past to help one person this week?


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