WAKE UP WORDS: December 29, 2021

LET'S FINISH WELL. You've persevered through things this year you didn't think you could. Today we challenge you to give yourself credit for what you've been through, grace for what you didn't do well, and rest so you can recover and go into 2022 full of peace and expectation. That's how we wrap this year up my friends... CREDIT - GRACE - REST! You're worth it!

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  • Good morning!
    This post was so uplifting today! There have been health challenges this year, and my husband and I retired last year, so we are creating a new chapter in a new home here in Medford. Although most has been wonder-full, the negatives are sometimes overwhelming. Thank you for helping me put this all into perspective, so I can look forward to the New Year with Joy!
    Have a wonder-full day! Enjoy this gorgeous white landscape!

    Barb Zaksek

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