DON'T LOOK BACK. It's a new month and a fresh start! Can we talk about fresh starts when it's not a Monday or New Years Eve??? Heck yes!! I love any excuse I can get for a new start, fresh goals and a shedding of what's been weighing me down! That's where the "don't look back" piece comes in.

We can't start fresh if we're still shouldering the baggage of what's behind us. The crazy thing about baggage is that even though it's heavy and hard to carry, even though we've wanted to get rid of it along with the brokenness, shame and regret that often accompanies it - we're so used to carrying it that it's hard to put it down and leave it down.

Today is a reminder that forward is where our destiny lies! Your past has shaped you, but it doesn't own you! It's time to break the connection with unhealthy ties from before. Today is the day that you declare gratitude for what you've learned but resolve to look ahead, break off cycles of shame and brokenness and MOVE FORWARD without the weight you've been so used to carrying!

I'm doing it... I'll probably have to remind myself 15 times today not to look back... but then hopefully tomorrow I'll only have to give myself 10 reminders and then 5 and hopefully as I'm intentional - I won't need to remind myself to let go of what no longer serves me. I will just keep looking forward to what's next!! I love you and I'm in this with you!!! Here's to an amazing Thursday!

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