IT IS POSSIBLE. Quick! What’s the first thing that came to mind when you read that?!?! What if I told you your response to that statement is more important than the words themselves? How we meet impossible situations in our lives is absolutely an indicator of who we think we are and how far we’ll go to overcome it. My 16 year old son Sawyer has autism. He’s met every single milestone in his life later than his peers. He has to work harder, study longer, and fail more in most areas of his life than people who don’t experience his level of challenges. After studying for a year and a half and failing 5 times, yesterday he got his drivers permit. I watched through a window with tears as he raised his fists in the air in victory when the computer said he passed. It was a huge moment for my boy. This was his impossible- but he fought through the negative self talk, the stress of test taking, and the disappointment of taking so long and he just did it. What’s your impossible? Maybe all that’s in your way is a few failures you’re not willing to risk, a little pride that’s keeping you from trying again, or shame that you’re not where you think you should be at this stage of the game… those things might make it harder for you to get where you’re going - but they’ll also make your victory so much sweeter! Keep going… IT IS POSSIBLE!


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