NO MORE HIDING. Hiding can look different for us all. Some hide who they are by being super extra as a barrier to who they really are. Some try desperately to blend in and not be noticed. Some hide through their busyness and some people hide behind a false front they present to the world. We all have our ways - and usually amazing excuses as to why we're doing it. At the core of all of our hiding though is a five letter word. SHAME. 

In hiding - the negative whispers about who we are or what we've done play on a loop - they're big and scary and we constantly believe the lie that if people really knew us, they wouldn't love us. But those whispers are lies and all hiding does is rob us of our destiny.

The beautiful thing about getting rid of shame is that it can't survive in the light. Once we're honest with ourselves about why we're hiding and we expose the brokenness - shame shrivels and healing begins.

TAKE ACTION: Today we are challenging you to be honest with yourself about the places in your life you're choosing to hide behind a false identity. Dig deep and name the source of the shame and share it with a trusted friend or family member. THIS IS HOW WE BEAT THE SHAME. THIS IS HOW WE COME OUT OF HIDING. You're too amazing to hide! The world needs who you really are! Your story, your struggle and your victory are powerful and when you get to a place where you can own it - you will change lives!!

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