IT’S NOT TIME TO QUIT. If you’re in a rough season, if you’re tired of fighting for your dream and you’re ready for some breakthrough and good news. KEEP GOING. You’re so close! This is where you’re strength and capacity are being built. We are programmed by our culture to give up when it’s been too hard for too long, but you’re almost there!! As long as you are healthy, your situation is healthy and you know in your guts it’s where you’re supposed to be - keep pressing forward! This past week we’ve had to pivot SEVERAL TIMES - pivoting is not quitting ... it’s how we continue forward while keeping healthy boundaries in place while constantly evaluating our motives. What do you want??? How bad do you want it?? Is it time to pivot? Do you need to stay on the same path and lean into what’s hard? Do you need to take a breather so you can keep going?? Only you can make these choices! What do you need to do for yourself or your situation today in order NOT to quit?? Remember that you’re not alone! We’re doing hard things daily right beside you - and I bet several other people in your circle are in the same boat. Just because it’s not in social media, it doesn’t mean important staff isn’t going down all around you! Reach out to a friend and talk about where you are in your journey!! You’ve come too far to quit now! We believe in you and we’re truly to cheering you on!

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