YOU HAVE THE HEART OF A LION. Yes, we're tired and it may feel like we've been beaten down by the chaos in the world right now. BUT we can never forget that we have something inside of us that's passionate, powerful, and full of purpose! Use that fire inside of you (even if it's just a flicker) to move through this week with boldness and courage!

Here are three things I keep in front of me when I feel like it's all too much:

1) Show up: Life is filled with hard conversations and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones. Showing up confidently as ourselves is the first way to combat any obstacle. Challenges seem to get smaller when we remember who we are and why we're doing what we're doing in the first place.

2) Don't be afraid to change the plan: We come to this place with expectations, maybe a business plan or just a set of goals we think we have to conquer to be successful. Sometimes nothing can prepare us though, and the well thought out plans we made without real-life experience don't mean anything. We can't tie ourselves or our worth to those original plans. There's strength and energy in the courage to shift and grow away from what we thought would be.

3) Don't do it alone: We need each other. Having people around us on the journey will not just be a good comfort... so often what we see as impossible problems, others see as an opportunity and they can help us see that too. Being open to hearing from others gives us insight, wisdom, and perspective that we might not get on our own.

Happy Tuesday!

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