YOUR PAST DOESN'T DEFINE YOU. What we’ve been through determines what we carry around in life, it doesn't define who we are. The goal is to heal from trauma and dump the unhealthy baggage but to keep the wisdom, compassion and perspective from ALL of the experiences we’ve lived through.

No one else has lived what you have, so no one else has a story to tell like you do. Your story shapes you but never defines you. That’s what makes what YOU CARRY so special. It’s unique to you and can not only change your life for the better BUT ALSO has the power to change the world around you!

We miss out on so much when we allow our past to make decisions for our future. Today on the Outsider Nation Podcast C.J. and I are talking about 3 Ways To Make Sure Your Past Isn't Defining You! 

Although some of us have carried the shame and grief of immense challenges in life, you don't have to have a crazy wild past or huge trauma to allow it to define you. Today we can choose to use all we've been through to fuel something greater. It's all about perspective, choosing to heal and being brave enough to take the first step!

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