Welcome To Outsider!!


We’re sooo incredibly excited to welcome you to our Outsider Team! The following links and infor are everything you'll need to get start!!

I am emailing an initial digital handbook over for you to sign via signature confirm. And then please CLICK HERE to access our drink making 101 manual your manager will also go over this with you when they train you. I will also be sending requests for you to join

Homebase - Scheduling App
Gusto - Payroll App
WhatsApp - Communication App
Signature Confirm - online handbook that requires your digital signature. (Just sent this one - check your junk mail if you don’t see it!)

We do require you to wear Outsider gear each shift. Until you get your shirts you can just wear a black or white T-shirt with an Outsider Apron. We ask that no mid-drifts, low cut tops or short shorts be worn while on your shift. To get your Outsider shirts please join our What's App team feed as soon as you receive the link so I can get you in contact with our team member Laci Weiss who has a Circuit and can just add our logos and designs to your own shirts for a small fee.

To study our recipes you can use our Quizlet link : CLICK HERE Password: OutsiderTeam Please please please study these you will be quizzed on recipes:)
CLICK HERE for Alphabetized List

We’re so excited to have you on our team, I can’t wait to meet you in person!

To Our New Adventure Together!

C.J., Lindsay, Christina, Trisha and the Outsider Team